Do You Really Think…

An all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere-present, entirely-benevolent God[1] would take all the time, effort, and trouble to create a world, fill it with people to whom He imparted the essence of life thereby creating immortal souls within them, only to leave it on its own, bereft of any direct or indirect contact with Himself as He stood idly by while it devolved slowly and inevitably into abject chaos, ruin, and destruction?[2]

Or that, having made observable contact over hundreds of years involving numerous personalities and nations, He would clumsily or haphazardly neglect to leave enough reliable and vital information about His activities in earth affairs unrecorded for posterity, knowing that His intervention, and the required evidence of it, was absolutely essential in His eternal plan to reunite Himself with this wayward creation?[3]

Or that He would eventually appear on earth as a human being to model His righteousness and fulfill the demands of His lawful nature and offer Himself as a vicarious, atoning, sacrifice for the issues (sins) that preclude intimate fellowship with Him, and then somehow fail to tell us why and how that was to be accomplished so we might discern truth from fable?[4]

Or that He would permit some hopelessly inferior person, group of people, angel or any other being, interfere with His plan of human salvation, redemption, and glorification to the extent that He would allow them to corrupt, distort, or obliterate the record of that work?[5]

Or that, having allowed that to happen, He would, willingly or otherwise, fail to convey a warning of impending judgment for our sinfulness but still judge us by the corrupted or obliterated criteria?[6]

Or that He would fail to give us the terms by which we could receive His pardon through a record that is so confusing and cryptic that He would leave it to an individual’s own imagination and interpretation as their own personal understanding and application of it directed them?[7]

Or that He would permit other competing plans (religions) to serve just as efficacious as the singular plan He devised in eternity; one that He successfully implemented requiring His personal appearance in the flesh, leading to His brutalization, degradation, and the shameful spectacle of the cross, to the extent that this shedding of His own blood for sin was no better sacrifice for sin than any other humanly engineered, random, moral code and its inherent ritualism?[8]

Or that, having accomplished His purpose of redemption in the world, He would, as time and culture dictated, permit and accept human alterations in the definition of sin – sins for which He bled and died to remove the guilt thereof, and to eradicate their dominating influence, only to see them being revised to gain human approval as acts of decency and righteousness?[9]

Or that He would postpone His kingdom (rule of the earth) of which prophecy foretold in abundant and explicit detail, simply because those to whom He went did not immediately accept it at the time (forcing Him to withdraw the offer), an event which He, despite being omniscient deity, failed to foresee occurring?[10]

Or that He would allow Himself to be beaten nearly to death and ultimately die on a Roman cross, taking upon Himself the just penalty due all of us, not because He loves us and wants to empower us so that we may share glory in eternity with Him, but because He enjoys brutality or it absolves Him of having to “save to the uttermost those who come to God through in Him.”[11]

Or that, in dying in such cruel fashion for our sins, He would gladly permit us to continue in those sins unabated, unrepentant, and unashamed, ignoring the shameful mockery we would be making of His noble sacrifice?[12]

Do you really think and believe any of these things?  I pray you do not.  If you do, however, for your soul’s sake, please study the New Testament with an open mind and heart.  The affirmation and confirmation of all that is God’s Own Truth lies waiting there to save you and bless you with eternal life.[13]

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About Danny McCain

I have worked as a Missionary/Evangelist at Green County Church of Christ in Greensburg, Kentucky, since May of 1998. I am married, have two children and two grandchildren. I enjoy old movies, good books, and gardening, but I love preaching, teaching, and learning from the Word of God. I want to use it to serve the Lord and save souls.
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