Culture War

When I was in school back in the sixties, no one would have dreamed of shooting up a high school.  It never entered anyone’s mind to do so.  Did we have bullies?  Of course.  I lived a full year of torment from bullies.  It was so bad that I prayed to wake up sick on certain days of the week when we had P. E.

Did we have guns?  You bet.  Where I lived every family had them.  Most adult males were hunters and kept lots of them, ammunition, knives – you name it.  My dad had about six to ten that I can remember, including semi-automatic rifles.  Nearly every male old enough to fire a rifle was trained to do it well.  I was.

Did we have hate?  Oh yes.  I hated going to school to be hounded and bullied and I was white.  Blacks were treated much worse.  Segregation was still in effect in some places but white-on-white bullying was plentiful and the norm.  Black on black crime was high too where I lived.  Hate persists.

What then kept me, and others, from grabbing a rifle or shotgun and attacking a school or someone therein?

Religion.  Specifically, Christianity.

I lived during a time when, despite the bullying and general meanness of people, there were limits, limits imposed by the general belief that 1) the God of the Bible does exist; 2) that we were all made in His image; 3) that He will hold us accountable for our actions, and 4) He will give you what you deserve one day.  We said the pledge of allegiance and the Lord’s prayer every day.  It was normal to hear God’s name and people spoken well of.  It was not normal nor acceptable for anyone to blaspheme in a public forum.  Corporal punishment was meted out for insubordinate, unruly, rebellious, ill-tempered miscreants.  Those things kept most of us in check – our evil-side, bestial nature subdued and sometimes entirely tamed.

However, when the atheistic, pseudo-intellectual, pompous, hedonistic lot took over schools and universities shortly after those years, they systematically sought to boot the God of the Bible, and His Word, out of everything.  They heartily promoted their unprovable theory of evolution, making absolutely sure that everyone understood quite clearly that we are nothing more than bags-of-water living a rat-race and anything but God’s children.

In their successful run at filling the minds of young people for the past fifty-plus years that humans are just glorified apes, they have led us to a point in time where babies in the womb can be murdered at five months without any remorse on the part of anyone (in fact it is bragged about) and that guns, the NRA, Republicans, and lack of gun control are to blame for the massacre of innocents at schools.  It should come as no surprise that those who brought us to this point in time are the very ones who angrily posit the blame they generated, at others… and inanimate objects.

The real issue with our, or any, society is not guns, bombs, and knives and who has them.  It is not the NRA.  It is not Republicans.  It is not having access to firearms.  We had all of that in abundance in the fifties and sixties.  The difference is what the atheistic, God-hating, progressives have infused into the minds of people since then – the belief that we are alone in the universe, God is not real, there are no moral absolutes of right and wrong set by God, and that human life is therefore cheap – at least in the womb.

When any person or nation removes God and the belief that we are made in His image – those who must be respected and loved, each and every one of us – from their hearts, consciences, and lives, then what follows is a descent into the maelstrom of spiritual chaos, injustice, evil, and madness.

This is what we are seeing and experiencing.  Things will not improve until people are taught and believe in general as they once did (see paragraph six) if that is even possible now in any real sense.

Guns, bombs, and knives do not get up and kill people on their own.  The power of life or death is in the hand and heart of the person of flesh and blood who wields them and it has been on the side of death for far too long.

And the ungodly and godless have put it there.

Physicians! Heal yourselves.


About Danny McCain

I have worked as a Missionary/Evangelist at Green County Church of Christ in Greensburg, Kentucky, since May of 1998. I am married, have two children and two grandchildren. I enjoy old movies, good books, and gardening, but I love preaching, teaching, and learning from the Word of God. I want to use it to serve the Lord and save souls.
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